[Athen] technical standards for captioning

Wink Harner wink.harner at mcmail.maricopa.edu
Mon Jun 29 06:49:02 PDT 2009

Hi all,

I have a meeting later today with the VP of instruction at our college. The
college currently has established a strategic advisory council on technology.
The VP has invited me (= my office) to the table for a discussion on setting
college-wide standards on the need for captioning, how to do it --i.e., contact
an outside source for production or purchase of software/hardware and which
department may be responsible.

Have any of you at your respective colleges set up standards for captioning
that you would be willing to share, in at least preliminary form, with us?

Please contact me off-line. If you all would like to know more about how
the discussion(s) go today, let me know!

Thanks to all for your collective wisdom and willingness to share.



Ms. Wink Harner
Disability Resources & Services
Mesa Community College
Mesa AZ

wink.harner at mcmail.maricopa.edu

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