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Kelmer, Susan M. SKelmer at stlcc.edu
Thu Mar 5 06:24:12 PST 2009

Actually, your lab doesn't sound that bad!

When I walked into my lab almost 9 years ago, I walked in to decade-old
equipment and a selection of low-end PC's and ancient Macs daisy-chained
through four hubs to ONE port switch. There were cords and cables
strung across the floor, two ink-jet printers to serve the entire space
(my lab had 20+ machines), it was atrocious!!

It took me a year to get the room up to shape but I did it. I wish I'd
walked into what you did!

Susan Kelmer

Adaptive Technology Specialist/

Lab Coordinator, Campus Labs and Classrooms

St. Louis Community College - Meramec


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