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Jeffrey Dell jeffreydell99 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 9 10:57:55 PDT 2009

Do you have licensing for MathType? This would enable people in the
lab to help create accessible math for students. MathType is also
good for use of alternative pointers to create equations to insert
into word documents for student's homework. Since you are using
Scientific Notebook If you have a student who uses Dragon for
dictation and commands there is a package called MathTalk. I can't
remember the name of the company manufacturing it but it should be
easy to find on Google.
ViewPlus creates the Audio Graphing Calculator and there is another
company that creates one called the Accessible Graphing Calculator
that work with speech and auditory output for graphing. I really
don't like either of these products but if the student has no other
means of performing complex graphing functions it can make due. The
view plus product can also work with their braille embossers to create
embossed graphs. MathTrax is a free graphing calculator that performs
more basic functions that was made by NASA but it kind of sucks. You
need to evaluate each to make sure that it provides the functions that
your students need.
Also don't forget tactile manipulatives. Some students respond better
to the old embossed graphing paper, cork board, and pipe cleaners than
to technology solutions for spacial concepts.
Duxbury Braille Translator can use MathType to create Nemeth but it
usually needs some editing to correct it's mistakes. The person doing
the translating would need a good understanding of the Nemeth code.
If you are going to CSUN this year they will probably have some good
presentations on accessible math. I got some great info from there
last year.
One thing to be concerned with is online testing and tutorials. If
this is a primary function of the math lab it may be a problem. I
have yet to find accessible online math software. They may need to
spend some time working on alternatives for students with visual
Hope this is helpful.

Assistive Technology Specialist
Cleveland State University

On 3/9/09, Wiersma, Constance A <wiersmac at uww.edu> wrote:

> Our office has been has been asked to consult with the Math department as

> they are developing a couple of new labs. Most of our basic assistive

> technology programs (JAWS, Kurzweil, ZoomText, etc.) are included in the lab

> image on campus and we have many adjustable work stations on campus.

> However, we have not done anything special for the math labs and this seems

> like a good chance to add software that will improve access to math for

> students. We have used Scientific Notebook in the past for students

> testing in our area. Does anyone have any suggestions of software/hardware

> that would enhance these labs?


> Thank you for your help.


> Sincerely,


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