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Jeffrey Dell jeffreydell99 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 18 07:21:40 PDT 2009

I'm looking for a little feedback on a plan for online assessment
testing for mathmatics. The plan that I am workin on is to create a
test in blackboard that uses image files to represent the math
expressions and provides LaTex code in an alt tag for describing those
expressions. It for the most part would be a standard blackboard test
with question catagories that will make questions somewhat random and
randomized order for answers. We will be making this available as an
alternative to MapleSoft assessments which are not accessible to
screen readers. I am trying to mathc the availability of the
MapleSoft product because our students can now take the assessment
test at home.
What I am looking for feedback on is the use of LaTex. We use MathML
for tests and alt text and this will be my first use of LaTex. I have
created a tutorial that will explain the code for LaTex for students
that this may be their first experience with the code. Do any of you
have tips on best bractices that you have gotten through your
experiences? I find MathML easier to understand but unfortunately in
Blackboard it is not an option that works in the Assessments.

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