[Athen] Anyone testing Thunderbird 3 with screen readers?

John Gardner john.gardner at orst.edu
Mon May 11 16:14:06 PDT 2009

I have just started using Thunderbird 2.0, version released in mid-March, with Window-Eyes. Other than the usual learning curve problems, I have found no appreciable accessibility issues. What are the problems with using Jaws?

Todd Schwanke wrote:

> Good Afternoon:


> Thunderbird 3 (Mozilla's email client) is currently in beta 2 . One of the significant improvements for version 3 was to be improvements in screen reader compatibility.


> 1) Has anyone on this list been actively involved in testing the beta's with Windows screen readers/magnifiers (JAWS, Zoomtext, Magic, Window Eyes, etc.). If so, have you been actively giving Mozilla feedback?


> 2) Have you seen any significant improvements yet? Particularly with Zoomtext? With version 2 we had problems with both Zoomtext and JAWS. In Zoomtext 9.0x we had to use the app reader mode, which was not necessary in Eudora. And, even then the results weren't always predictable.


> -Todd



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