[Athen] Kindle DX - hands on!

Kelmer, Susan M. SKelmer at stlcc.edu
Fri May 15 09:17:06 PDT 2009

I was just informed that I am getting a Kindle DX. I am not allowed to
tell anyone else in the department. My coworker across the desk is
playing 20 questions to find out what it is I'm getting, but I can't
tell her, and it's driving her crazy. They unit has been ordered but
right now Amazon isn't shipping them. Hopefully it will be in my hands

So, should I gear up for a presentation on the Kindle for AHG this fall?
I wasn't going to submit a proposal this year, but with this thing
falling in my lap, well, I can't really say no to doing a presentation
on the device, right? Would anyone be interested in such a

Susan Kelmer

Adaptive Technology Specialist/

Lab Coordinator, Campus Labs and Classrooms

St. Louis Community College - Meramec


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