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Dave - we do not track actual use but we do have an on-line reservation system where we can get a daily or weekly snapshot of usage in the various locations we provide AT....
We also know the exact number of users at a given time that have access to AT. They have to share their log in and eid information with us in order to access the AT off of the server... that has helped greatly in terms of tracking number of users...
Let me know if you would like to talk with the folks that help us out with AT access in the library. I am guessing they would be happy to share the library's perspective on overall AT usage.


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Good afternoon!

Is anybody tracking the amount of time accessible workstations are being used? We received a grant to establish an accessible workstation at our library and, for the sake of reporting to the foundation who funded the station, I would like to let them know how often it is used by SWDs. I realize this might require issuing passwords and using software that can summarize the amount of usage but do not know anything beyond this. Please let me know your thoughts.

Thank you!


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