[Athen] talking dictionary for low vision, mobility impaired individual

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I really like the Ultimate Talking Dictionary from Premier (or whatever they're called these days). You can use the built-in speech or use your own screen reader. It even links into Word and IE so that if you select a word in one of these programs and press F12, it will pull up the word in UTD and display the definition.

If the person is visually impaired, this will probably be a better setup than Read&Write since R&W requires more visual referencing.


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Hello All:

I'm working with someone who is both legally blind (uses Magic &
JAWS) and has limited use of her upper extremities. She can only
use one hand with limited range of motion (uses an Intellikeys
keyboard). She needs help with spelling. Does anyone have any
ideas for a talking dictionary (needs to be computer-based). I
was going to try TextHelp but I wanted to see if anyone else had
any ideas for this challenging situation.

Thanks in advance,

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