[Athen] talking dictionary for low vision, mobility impaired individual

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Hi Shelley,
It's more the need for spelling as she's typing. With things such as google
searches, google is pretty good a guessing what your intention. A presented
list of possible choices probably would be helpful. I'll check out WordQ
along with TextHelp.


On Thu, Sep 10, 2009 at 12:59 AM, Shelley Haven
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> Hi, Howard!


> I'm trying to envision this -- Is her biggest need looking up words as

> she's writing in order to get the correct word (e.g., differentiating

> between homonyms); identifying words which have been misspelled and

> correcting them; or checking her words after they're written?


> Given the limited range of motion, I'm guessing that something which also

> increases typing rate would probably help, too, right? I wonder if

> something like WordQ would help., as it provides both the text-to-speech and

> word completion as well as spoken examples to help differentiate confusable

> words and homonyms. However, I may not be envisioning this user's problems

> correctly. It sounds like she would benefit from a dictionary where she can

> run through a list of words "which start with" certain letters, then choose

> the desired word for a definition.


> - Shelley





> On Sep 9, 2009, at 11:14 PM, Howard Kramer wrote:


> Hello All:


>> I'm working with someone who is both legally blind (uses Magic &

>> JAWS) and has limited use of her upper extremities. She can only

>> use one hand with limited range of motion (uses an Intellikeys

>> keyboard). She needs help with spelling. Does anyone have any

>> ideas for a talking dictionary (needs to be computer-based). I

>> was going to try TextHelp but I wanted to see if anyone else had

>> any ideas for this challenging situation.


>> Thanks in advance,

>> Howard


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