[Athen] Medium capacity Braille embosser?

Dan Comden danc at washington.edu
Thu Sep 17 08:58:12 PDT 2009

Another vote for the Juliet Pro 60 here. Have worked with a variety of embossers over the years and the Juliet is the most reliable and has the features you list. If you are going to be doing graphics, you'll want something in addition to the Juliet -- we have a Tiger Pro that's used for graphics.

You'll most likely want to get a sound enclosure for it if you don't have one specified. We have one of the older cabinets -- the new one from Enabling looks pretty good though it's not clear how it'd handle large embossing jobs.

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Any recommendations for medium volume Braille embosser for embossing textbooks? We need something faster than a personal/desktop system but not as big/fast as what is used to in high volume publishing houses for magazines.

* Interpoint
* Accepts at least 11.5" wide paper

* Reasonable footprint and space requirements
* Front access only (for loading and retrieving paper) would be ideal so that we can provide accessible access to it without requiring too big of a room. Being able to put it sideways against the wall would be OK if front and back access is required.
* Anything decent in a cut-sheet embosser?

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