[Athen] Seeking Wisdom: Searching for keyboarding software that works w/JAWS

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Yes, by all means look at the TypeAbility 3.0 application from
YesAccessible. Their website is:


Had a chance to sit in on their seminar at CSUN and was most impressed. -ed.

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Apparently JAWS and the Keyboarding Pro Deluxe CE Student software do not
play nicely. or at all. Keyboarding Pro is the current software of choice to
teach keyboarding in our Business Technology degree/curriculum so I'm not
sure what can be done about that. However, I have one blind student using
JAWS who has enrolled in keyboarding this semester (which is why I know the
software isn't playing with JAWS), and I have 3 more blind students coming
in Fall 2010. I want to be able to tell our District that there is an
alternative keyboarding software app that will work with JAWS IF there is
such a thing.

Any suggestions?


Norma Jean


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