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Saroj Primlani saroj_primlani at ncsu.edu
Mon Apr 5 12:34:08 PDT 2010

Anyone out there using PeopleSoft 8.5 toolset to develop Student
applications (records, financials, registration etc). According to Oracle,
this version helps the developers create accessible user interfaces. I
really would like a contact, or input from your developers to help us
understand if updating to this toolset will really solve our mega-problems
solving accessibility/usability of the user interface. Apparently this tool
set involves hardware upgrades, so there is reluctance to make a commitment
without realistic input that it will solve the problem. Feel free to
respond off list.
Accessibility Consultant
North Carolina State University
saroj_primlani at ncsu.edu

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1. Re: Question about Save As DAISY (Pielaet, Jon)
2. ATIA Call for Papers (Ron Stewart)


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I haven't used the TTS Narrator functionality in the Save As
DAISY plug-in extensively, but I can tell you that the plug-in suffers
from some memory leaks. Generating a 175 page DTBook XML file should
only take a minute or two. In one of my latest exports the plug-in was
still stuck at 100% complete after more than 24 hours.

After rebooting and clearing my RAM, the export took only a few
minutes. If you find that your CPU usage isn't changing for a few
minutes, I would suggest trying your export after a reboot.

Creating TTS speech for your DAISY book will take a long time.
2.5 hours seems about right for a 400 page book considering that the
playback time can be much longer than that.

How are the DAISY books being read? Do you really need the PC to
generate the speech in advance? Could you use the DAISY pipeline to
create text-only filesets from your DTBook XML instead of embedding the

Good Luck,


Jon P. Pielaet
Program Assistant for Instructional Materials
Disability Services for Students
Emma B. Lommasson 154
The University of Montana
Missoula, MT 59812


406-243-2243 Voice/Text
406-243-4461 Direct Line
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Subject: [Athen] Question about Save As DAISY

Hi all,

I have been playing with the Save As DAISY in MS Word and have a
question about how long it can take to create a 450 page book. I choose
to create a DAISY book (as opposed to just the XML version) and the
DAISY Pipeline TTS Narrator began running.

So far, the system has been running for about 2.5 hours. Is this a bit
excessive or is this expected? Most of my samples have been done on
short 10-20 page documents, so I don't have a great reference for a much
longer book.

I am working on a virtualized Windows 7 system with 2GB RAM dedicated to
the Windows 7 instance (CPU is 2.8 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo). The JAVAW.exe
process has maxed out the CPU usage at 98%.



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From: "Ron Stewart" <ron at altformatsolutions.com>
To: "'Access Technology Higher Education Network'"
<athen at athenpro.org>
Cc: 'Ron Stewart' <ron at altformatsolutions.com>, 'Howard Kramer'
<Howard.Kramer at colorado.edu>
Subject: [Athen] ATIA Call for Papers
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Good morning Athenian's

For several years ATHEN has been a partner in the ATIA conferences, with
members serving as Strand Managers and also participating in the event. As
part of our commitment to the ATIA conference we have agreed to try and
solicit 20 proposals from our membership for each conference. I am hoping
you will help us reach this goal! The announcement follows:

COMBINED ATIA 2010 Chicago & ATIA 2011 Orlando

Call for Presentations Submissions Guideline

Call for Presentations Closes on May 19, 2010

Please visit www.atia.org for the online submission link

This is a combined Call for Presentation for the

ATIA 2010 Chicago and ATIA 2011 Orlando Conferences.

ATIA 2010 Chicago

October 27-30, 2010

Renaissance Schaumburg Hotel and Convention Center

Schaumburg (Chicago), Illinois

ATIA 2011 Orlando

January 26 - 29, 2011

Caribe Royale All-Suites

Resort & Convention Center

Orlando, Florida

ATIA is holding a combined Call for Presentations for two conferences for an
extended period of

three months to enable speakers to submit abstracts for one OR both

How will it work? Speakers should submit abstracts and select if they are
submitting for one of

three choices:

. ATIA 2010 Chicago

. ATIA 2011 Orlando

. BOTH ATIA 2010 Chicago and ATIA 2011 Orlando

Please only submit two (2) abstracts per speaker per event.


Ron Stewart

Managing Consultant

Altformat Solutions LLC

8300 West Weller St

Yorktown, IN 47396

Mobile: 609 213-2190

Fax: 765 405-1484

ron at altformatsolutions.com


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