[Athen] Captioning - OGV file format

Sean J Keegan skeegan at stanford.edu
Thu Apr 15 11:24:52 PDT 2010

> I have a department at the University of Arizona that
> wants to post .ogv video formats on their Website.

Okay - that is an extension for Ogg/Theora:

> Has any successfully captioned this type of file?

Well, the technical answer is Yes. Here is a resource from the Opera
site regarding HTML 5 video (using Ogg) and showing captions:

(Here is the main article talking about what is happening:

However, it is not exactly "easy" to get the captions to show up for an
Ogg video right now unless you are willing to do some additional coding
(with the likelihood that you may have to do more tweaking down the line
as the specification for captioning is still under development).

The short answer for right now is to wait. I realize that some want to
move to the latest, greatest, and/or cutting edge Web browser
technology, but there is just not the same support for accessibility
yet. While there is quite a bit of promise in the next 6-8 months, if
you need to provide captioning for "today", then stick to other media
file formats. There are options that consistently work today across the
major Web browsers and offer a relatively easy implementation for
captioning. I would recommend waiting before jumping to .ogg right now
until captioning is worked out.

Take care,
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