[Athen] FW: Students can Work with their iPads directly from their PCs

Sean J Keegan skeegan at stanford.edu
Fri Apr 16 12:03:04 PDT 2010

> It is impressive as an accessible reader, not as
> good as DAISY on a good reader and it doesn't
> have the features of the to-be-released Blio
> software, but pretty damn impressive, nevertheless

Yep - so far, that has been my impression. Not too shabby for a "new"

> You cannot annotate or highlight and I don't
> think you can place bookmarks

The highlight and bookmark feature are linked. You tap and hold on a
word (like you are going to do a copy/paste command) and you will get
the selection buttons to expand or contract the blue "highlight". When
you release, you can get three options: Dictionary, Bookmark, and Search.

If you choose Bookmark, the selected text actually gets highlighted and
a bookmark is added. If you tap the highlighted text again, you can
then modify the highlight color as well as "unbookmark" the highlighted

A bit more refinement of the text-to-speech capability and the ability
to add notes and this device is fairly nice. That being said, I am
looking forward to what the Blio platform will offer.

Take care,
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