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I agree with Ron that checking with the publisher is a good first step.
Proprietary systems for study guides tend to be locked down tightly.
Since it sounds like there is some level of accessibility with the
material, maybe trying an alternative virtual printer would be another
option. It's not ideal, but printing to a PDF file and then importing it
into K3000 may provide something to start with.

I don't know what the printing restrictions are on the content, so I
don't know what your options are.

Best of Luck,


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Do you have access to a copy of Read&Write? It may work better in this
situation than K3000. Then again, maybe not. <grin> It may be worth a
try since R&W is not really difficult to learn as far as the reading
tools go.

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Good afternoon!

I need your advice. I work with a law student who uses Kurzweil 3000. He
wants to review some study guides access to which he purchased when he
bought the textbooks.

These study guides are only readable using proprietary software made by
the company, Aspen Law.

I have downloaded the software (StudyDesk it is called) as well as the 5
study guides. And I am able to read these using Window-Eyes. However, I
cannot run a virtual print to render them KESI documents.

I would like to find a way to make these guides accessible to the
student but am not sure how or even whether this is possible. The most I
can copy and paste at a time is about a page and a half and this is far
too labor intensive given that the total number of pages is going to be
roughly 1,000 (this would be quite a lot of copying and pasting!).

The URL for the company that makes the "StudyDesk" software and these
guides is: www.aspenlaw.com <http://www.aspenlaw.com/>

Please let me know if you have any suggestions or if you have worked
through a similar problem.

Thank you!!!


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