[Athen] accessibility of the Kronos time and attendance system

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Ditto, also! Great info!


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Ditto ... Kronos is NOT accessible ... and students overall find Kronos to
be an unpleasant experience ..
but in the world of 'isn't this strange' ... during our testing, we found
that System Access to Go works with Kronos (back in December).

Our blind tester wrote up the following:

Using System Access to go http://satogo.com/en/ and Kronos

System Access To Go is a free screenreader provided by Serotek. One must
have an internet connection to use this software, and it will only run if
the internet browser is open. Below are instructions on how to get System
Access to go (SAToGo) up and running in order to successfully log hours
using Kronos.

. Turn off any other screenreader you may be using on your computer.
. Press windows key plus r to bring up the run dialogue.
. Type www.satogo.com and press enter.
. Once the side is up, SAToGo will prompt you as to how to proceed.
You can either press enter to start the install of the software, or hit f-8
for a quick tutorial.
. Once you have the software running, go to the Kronos page and log
in as you usually would. Note that you will need to be using the html
version of Kronos in order to do this successfully.
. SATogo does not have a browse mode or forms mode, so simply
navigate to the edit fields and begin typing your user name and password.
. Once you are logged in, click on "my time card".
. Hit t for table. This will bring you to the table to log your
. Once you have navigated to the correct row and column, enter your
times. You will then be able to click on the link to select your
. Press d to navigate to the correct dropdown menu to select your
. In order to activate the dropdown menu to select your appointment,
hold down alt plus down arrow. Release the alt key and use the down arrow
to find and select the correct appointment.
. Once you have selected your appointment, tab until you find the
okay link and hit enter.
. Don't forget to save your timecard before exiting.

Alice Anderson
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On Aug 9, 2010, at 11:18 AM, Jeffrey Dell wrote:

> Hi Mike

> Kronos sucks

> It has alot of down time. Is not accessible by JAWS. Java Access

> Bridge does allow screen readers to read the content inside of the UI

> but you have to click on it to get the cursor in it. It's like

> putting in a ramp directly after a stair case. There is an

> application called Hot Spot that can do preprogramed mousclicks for

> JAWS that might remedy that problem. Java accessbridge causes all

> kinds of problems itself so I don't install it anyway.

> It will work with ZoomText if using JRE 1.5. I have no luck with

> using MAGic with it. I've been using it for nearly 3 years and I

> would like to strangle the person who chose it for my campus. I have

> a blind student employee and I have to put in his time manually.

> Jeff


> On 8/6/10, Michael O'Brien <m.obrien at hvcc.edu> wrote:


>> Good People:


>> Our college is switching from manual timesheets to the Kronos

>> electronic time and attendance system. In trying to use this with

>> JAWS10.0, , I've found it impossible to read the icons necessary to

>> use the system, though the titles of the links in this web-based system

read fine.


>> I know it's based on JAVA, and wonder if JAVA Access Bridge or an

>> available JAWS script might make this system accessible.


>> Thank you in advance for any help people on the list might offer.


>> Mike




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