[Athen] Dragon in Place of CART?

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We've done some pilot work in this area, I've put some basic information at:
and presented on this topic at last year's CSUN conference.

Generally, I don't think that state-of-the-art speech recognition is ready
to replace CART; however, under certain circumstances I think it can be used
effectively. Probably the most significant finding from my work at North
Central Technical College in Wausau Wisconsin was that the approach of
having somebody remotely re-speak the instructors information which
simultaneously showed up on the students laptop computer was the best model,
and this allowed for capture of questions from other students, etc.

Hope that helps, you can contact me anytime off list at edward at ngtvoice.com

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Please see forwarded post by Wink Harner - James

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Hi all ATHEN-ites,

A question for the masses...can Dragon be used in the classroom as a
substitute for CART services? When & how effective is it? Can it be used to
substitute for note takers? If so, what technical specs must be considered?
If it won't work, what other technology exists that could substitute for

Am asking on behalf of a colleague.

Thanks in advance for your wisdom, guidance and knowledge!


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