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Pratik Patel pratikp1 at gmail.com
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Flock used to be based on Firefox, which meant that it was mostly
accessible. I must say that the social networking support it boasted was a
bit difficult to access. Chrome access should be coming soon. The latest
beta of Chrome is supported by System Access and NVDA under Windows-granted
you'll need to use a development snapshot of NVDA. It also somewhat
supports Voiceover on the Mac. Some Zoomtext users have reported success.
Magic should work with it in a very limited way for now.



Pratik Patel

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Has anyone looked at this browser latterly? This NYT article promotes the
Flock browser for bringing together your social media sites into one place:
the Flock browser.

lock/?partner=rss&emc=rss> &emc=rss

I did contact them when the browser first emerged a few years ago and they
indicated they were an accessible browser. But this article says it is based
on Google's Chrome which at last look wasn't terribly accessible. The
article does indicate that Flock has increased functionality and the article
even gives the keyboard command for one of the functions.

Just curious if anyone has tried this with adaptive technology and has
information on its accessibility.

Cheers, Karen

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