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Dear all.

Please circulate far and wide. Sorry, in advance, for duplicate posts.

You can us showcase the importance of accessible ICT design at the 2011
Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

We (Apps4Android) are the only mobile software developer submitting
accessibility applications to CES 2011's "Mobile Apps Showdown." Both
applications being submitted are "free-to-the-user" open source Android
applications. Votes are being solicited from the general public (you) to
determine which mobile app(s) people believe "stand to impact society the

If our two accessibility apps get the largest number of votes, they win the
contest, and generate press coverage focused on the importance and benefits
of accessible ICT design. Since both apps are "free-of-charge to users," we
will not benefit financially from a win. People with disabilities will win.

The following URLs will take you to each of two pages that will enable you
to vote 1-5 stars on each of our apps by simply clicking on a Star.

1. IDEAL Item ID, a talking barcode maker and reader for individuals with


2. IDEAL Web Reader a Gesture Based Web Browser for individuals with print


Thank you, in advance, for helping us weave accessibility into the fabric of
products and services showcased at the world's largest consumer electronic


Steve :-)

Steve Jacobs, President

IDEAL Group, Inc. and,

CEO, Apps4Android, Inc.

http://apps4android.org <http://apps4android.org/>


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