[Athen] JAWS and linkedin.com

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Mon Dec 13 07:09:20 PST 2010

LinkedIn has made some changes to its user interface and there is a
discussion on the Accessible Ontarians with Disability's group about how
those of us using screen readers can no longer use LinkedIn effectively.

One of the things I've mentioned is that the sign out link is now buried
under my name and unless I can see it and use the mouse I can't sign out.
Even finding discussion threads gets tiresome and I've given up using Linked
In except to promote my books which takes about 10 or 15 minutes to get to
the right place to add the content. I can't even upload my company profile
although it says it will accept PDF documents.so the accessibility of
LinkedIn has deteriorated significantly over the past few months..apparently
those of us using adaptive technology are "linkedOut" by default. J

Cheers, Karen

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I've been promoting linkedin.com for my graduating students. I was excited
to show this to a JAWS user defined it doesn't work whatsoever. Has anybody
had any luck to make that work?

If so I would be interested in installation strategies.

Here's the threads that I got from linkedin.in I haven't yet tried them to
figure out



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