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by Dawn Gregg

full url: http://yaccessibilityblog.com/wp/cognitive-accessibility-online.html
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My observation: As our population ages, and memory functions deteriorate,
this area will need much more attention to address the reality that the
internet is no longer optional - it is essential for participation in education,
employment, commerce, civics, health and safety and more ...


There are a number of reasons why cognitive accessibility is not taken into
account when designing websites. Accessibility for users with cognitive disabilities
can be a far greater challenge than for those with other types of disabilities.
Cognitive impairments are the least understood of the disability categories
(Novak & Paciello, 2002) and the individual need of cognitively disabled
users can vary wildly depending on the nature of the disability.
This population can have difficulties in any or all of these areas:

• Lingual (text and language)
• Learning and problem solving
• Orientation
• Focus and attention span
• Memory
• Visual comprehension

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