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No there is not a free download. But you can go to the site and contact the company by e-mail or phone and they will send you a free demo for either windows or Mac!!
I hope this helps.
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Hi Norm,

>From what I can recall, you need to request the download or physical

shipment on the Request Information page found here:



On 11/30/10 11:28 AM, "Prof Norm Coombs" <easi.easi at gmail.com> wrote:

> I have been going round in circles looking for a trial version of

> Read&Write Gold to download. I have been round page after page on the

> texthelp page and other pages Google sent me to. It is possible it was

> right in front of me. Some of the links had graphics without alt text so I

> might have passed it several times.


> Is there a trial download for Read&Write Gold? If so, can you point me to

> the EXACT URL???


> Norm



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