[Athen] Looking for collaborators for NEA Universal Design for Architecture Proposal

Howard Kramer Howard.Kramer at Colorado.EDU
Mon Feb 1 21:29:52 PST 2010

Hello All:

We're in the process of writing a grant for the NEA around UD
for Architecture. One of the activities we'll be doing is
developing curriculum modules. I wonder if any of you see a
possible collaboration with Architecture departments or
schools on your campuses. Additional letter of support would
be most welcome. The planned activities of the project are
described below. And any suggestions are also welcome.


National Endowment for the Arts’ Design Leadership Project, FY

In response to the NEA announced rfp for Universal Design
Leadership Project, FY 2010, a cross-discipline group at the
University of Colorado-Boulder, including the Division of ENVD
in the College of Architecture and Planning and Disability
Services is proposing a cooperative project that will promote
and raise awareness of universal design for architecture. The
proposed project \will include the following:

1 - Create a 3-D interactive program that can be used to
simulate moving through a physical design, building, or
terrain (such as a campus or mall) which has universal design
features. (Could use the black box theater at ATLAS for
special, publicized demonstrations).

2 - Use this as a resource to educate the community, to
publicize UD principles and as a tool for design classes
within the university - i.e. Architecture & Planning.

3 - Work with Architecture & Planning to incorporate UD
principles into their curriculum.

4 - In addition to the 3D interactive program, link interested
parties to information resources on UD.


1. Hold a national conference (in tandem with existing
AHG conference) on the topic of UD in Architecture.

2. Hold a series of special talks at the Black Box
theater, demonstrating the interactive program simulating UD

3. Work with national architectural organizations and
present at architectural conferences around the country.

4. Place the demonstration program on the web to allow
greater access to the simulation program.

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