[Athen] anyone have info on accessibility of Facebook Lite?

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Yes. Facebook Lite is a much better experience for anyone trying to use
a screen reader or any other assistive technology. The lite version is
mostly HTML\CSS and doesn't include many of the applications or games
that make the full version of Facebook so popular (Like your grandson's
Farmville game).

The Games and Web Apps are almost exclusively coded in flash and are not
very accessible at all. In addition to using Facebook Lite, you can also
choose to have many of the messages posted to your facebook profile sent
to you via e-mail or text message. This too enhances the usability of
facebook for people using assistive technology.

Tools like friendfeed, and pixelpipe can help integrate social
networking updates from sources (like e-mail) to networks (like
facebook) as well.

Check them out,


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I know next to nothing about Facebook except my grandson has a farm
I just ran across lite.facebook.com

It claims to be faster and simpler. I am embarrased to confess I
registered to learn about it. Never expected to be on Facebook.

To me, on brief examination, it seems like Facebook lite is qute
Anyone got opinions or experience????


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