[Athen] Screen reader and Eee PC?

Kelmer, Susan M. SKelmer at stlcc.edu
Wed Feb 17 12:33:53 PST 2010

Al, unless this one has a standard hard drive, XP is not a possibility.
Many of those eee netbooks came with a 4 gb SSDrive. No room for XP.
There are some accessibility programs for Linux; whether or not they
will run on that version of Linux is indeed the question.

Susan Kelmer

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This one could be tricky. I believe those machines ship with a
proprietary flavor of Linux. Not even sure which desktop they run. If
it's using some offshoot of Gnome, you may be able to get the Orca
screenreader working on it; However if not, then your best bet may be
to blow away the OS, load it with XP, and then use something like
System Access. Serotek offers System access licenses for atom processor
based machines for $149.00


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