[Athen] Accessibility of ToolTip and Lightbox

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Hi Sean,
You are right on point. I have been in touch with Freedomscientific and made
them aware that the accessibility issues in question do not occur with NVDA
and System Access. They have requested to see a sample of the lightbox and
we are trying to package something for them as they are not able to access
our private dev environment from outside. No I haven't tried with
Windows-eyes and Supernova.


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> How about dojo-supported lightbox? We have an > implementation using
ARIA that seems to work > well with NVDA and System Access but not with

Have you tested with either Window-Eyes or Supernova (from Dolphin)?

The reason I ask is that I have been in conversations with people from
Freedom Scientific and one of the questions that was asked is whether or not
the accessibility "issue" also occurs with other technologies. From what I
understood in the conversation, if other AT could not perform correctly,
then it was not a "real issue" and no bug report would be filed to fix JAWS
to elicit the appropriate behavior.

So, while I realize I am not answering your question, you may want to report
the issue to Freedom Scientific and mention that there is no accessibility
"issue" when using other AT and JAWS does not perform as necessary. It does
not fix the problem right now, but the fact that it is a non-issue with
other screen-readers may prompt the filing of a bug report and get the issue
fixed (and, yes, I am being an optimist).

Take care,

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