[Athen] Handwriting conversion to text

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Can you post a little additional information about what you are looking for?

* In real-time or after the fact?
* Are you dealing with any paper documents, scanned documents, or other documents where you wouldn't have access to stroke information? (by stroke information I am referring to the vector information that reflects the timing, order and direction of the individual strokes that make up the letters)
* Are you open to using a particular hardware or software? For example, if you had to use a specific pen or write into a specific application?
* Text only or a mix of text and equations/formulas/etc.


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Happy Friday, everyone!

I'm curious to know if anyone has used any of the software/hardware for converting handwritten information into digital text? I've noticed several pens and software are available and would appreciate any helpful information that anyone is willing to share!

Thanks in advance!!


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