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Ladies and Gentlemen we need your assistance in completing the ATHEN annual
elections as well as passing a crucial modification to the bylaws that will
make this entire process much more efficient in the future. If you are a
member in current standing would you please cast your ballot in the current
ATHEN election process, if you are not a member in current standing would
you please consider bringing your membership current by visiting our
membership website at: http://athenpro.org/member.

Below you will find the balloting process and I and the leadership of ATHEN
thank you for your time and effort in this matter. I can also assure you we
are working diligently to make sure that we make this kind of process as
efficient as we possibly can. If you need any clarification or assistance
in the balloting process please contact me directly via email at:
ron at altformatsolutions.com

Ron Stewart

It is very important that you vote because we need a 2/3 majority in order
to change the bylaws. In this case, not voting on the amendment is the same
as voting no, so please vote!

Slate of Officers

President: Ron Stewart

Vice President: Terry Thompson

Treasurer: Heidi Scher

Secretary: Susan Kelmer

Proposed Amendment

4.5. Officers shall be elected annually by the membership.

Elections will be held within the month prior to the annual meeting.

Election results will be announced at the annual meeting, with terms to
commence at the end of the meeting. Terms are for two years, with elections
for President and Secretary occurring in even-numbered years. Elections for
Vice President and Treasurer will be held in odd-numbered years.

For your response, you can copy the text below and indicate yes or no to
each item. Please copy both Dan Comden and myself on the e-mail
danc at washington.edu; gdietrich at htctu.net .

--NOTE: Please do *not* just hit reply and respond to the ATHEN list.

In order for your vote to count, you must respond to both Dan and me by
April 1, 2010. Thank you!


Vice President:



Proposed Amendment:


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