[Athen] Student Tech Fee funding

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Cleveland State has a student tech fee. Some of the money for my
purchases are supported by Tech Fee. About $15,000 to $25,000 per
year. I put in requests annually for this money. It supports my lab
and whatever initiatives I request money for. This from time to time
includes hardware and software for Alt Text production.

On 5/10/10, John Elmer <JElmer at vcccd.edu> wrote:

> We have no Tech Fee for the 3 schools in our district.



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> Hi all,


> I just got an inquiry about those schools that use Student Tech fees to

> support their AT on their campuses. I would also like to know if you also

> use similar funding for Alt Format production and Captioning. Most of the

> schools I have worked with over the years did and do but I want to be able

> to provide current info.


> Ron Stewart


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