[Athen] Alva Braille Display questions

Travis Roth travis at travisroth.com
Thu May 13 17:16:39 PDT 2010

The Alvas also have a built in menu system which you should be able to bring
up without connecting any PC. If the 570 doesn't do that either then its
dead... Unfortunately I cannot turn up its manual to see how the menu system
is entered.

As far as I am aware, Windows XP and later with JAWS do not drive Braille
displays via parallel. You need to use serial or USB.

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Hello all,

Thanks for the feedback and ideas. It looks like the Satellite Pro is dead
- I was not able to get any response from the display after trying different
power cords, USB cables, or different operating systems (OS X vs. Windows).
I may try a last ditch effort to resort to the serial port, but the fact
that the display was non-responsive on two different operating systems does
not bode well.

The Alva Delphi is a bit more of a challenge and I may have another go at
that display. I was able to get the display to switch between the serial
and parallel port output, but that was about it (JAWS 11 with the parallel
connection kept crashing the computer). I may try to play with the BIOS
next to see what happens.

Thanks again for the ideas.

Take care,

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