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ALEKS is not accessible for screen readers. To my knowledge, it also does not have a paper version as a substitute to accommodation a student with any sort of reading or writing disability and is not (yet?) available in any sort of Brailled format. At our college, we have been able to up to now, to recommend the student take an alternative test (either COMPASS, ACCUPLACER or ASSET) with a variety of accommodations at our disposal. This will not be the case after this next year's pilot is up and it behooves us in Disability Services to come up with alternatives and accommodations BEFORE the mandatory adoption is complete, n'est-ce pas?



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ALEKS is a math assessment & training software program that’s being piloted at our community college for instructor-assisted self-paced developmental math classes.

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Can anyone help me on what software , tutorials or sites to access that can be used by students who have difficulty in Math, pre-algebra, algebra. These students don't have learning disabilities although they were not assessed for LD.

Your help and assistance will be highly appreciated. Thank you very much.

Celia B. Lamkin,MD

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Hi all,

Can anyone out there give any current info on MathSpeak (not MathTalk) and its development and usage in STEM accessibility? It seems to pop up every few years but I cannot seem to find much of substance at least of recent vintage.



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