[Athen] Question re: accessibility of reference tools

Pielaet, Jon jon.pielaet at mso.umt.edu
Wed May 26 12:24:41 PDT 2010

Hi Kathy,

I have extensive experience with Reference Management Tools. EndNote is
by far my favorite. It offers the most features and offers great
accessibility. I haven't used newer versions of Ref Works, as our
institution has opted for the web version. (Ref Works Web) Because it is
web-based Ref Works Web offers some flexibility as far as being platform
independent. It works in any web browser but offers fewer features. Both
of these applications are stand alone and have fairly good accessibility
features. I have even seen some JAWS scripts floating around for them
that may be useful.

Zotero is an interesting contender because it is a Firefox extension. It
is my experience that many JAWS users (including myself) dislike Firefox
in general because of the way it interfaces with scripts in JAWS. Zotero
is nice because it is free but I have found its usefulness to be the
most limited out of the three. If you are just looking for a free tool
to track bookmarks you're much better off using del.icio.us or Xmarks.

I would love to hear from others about their own experiences,


Jon P. Pielaet

Program Assistant for Instructional Materials

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Hi Colleagues;

Do any of you have some experience evaluating the accessibility of the
following Reference Management Tools: EndNote, Ref Works and Zotero?
I'm especially curious how well they work with JAWS.

Thank you,


Kathleen Cahill

Adaptive Technology Specialist

MIT ATIC (Adaptive Technology) Lab

77 Mass. Ave. 7-143

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(617) 253-5111

kcahill at mit.edu

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