[Athen] Input from higher ed on ADA & Web Accessibility

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Hello Terry,

I'll be drafting comments on behalf of the American Council of the Blind
later this month. I'll also be on the lookout for issues that might affect
Higher ed. One of the areas that I've already considered as an issue for us
to look at is related to content aggregators--i.e., commercial services
which themselves can be covered under the promulgated regs but the content
may not be. The DOJ specifically asks for comment on this issue. I know of
several schools who are using Facebook to run asynchronous courses.
Facebooks groups are being used by several institutions to deliver content
such as videos and reading material. We need some discussion surrounding
this issue. I'll write more as I discover items like these.



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Hi all,

Has anyone from higher education done a thorough (or even not-so-thorough)
assessment of the DOJ's proposed rulemaking regarding web accessibility and
the ADA?


Just wondering whether there are issues we should be particularly aware of
as we formulate our comments (due January 24).


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