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Brusnighan, Dean A. dabrus at purdue.edu
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Brian and Ken,

Thanks for your responses. I have forwarded your suggestions and comments to the web developer. I hope to hear back from him to see how they helped.


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How is the link coded? I'm wondering about the technique used to hide the link. If CSS is being used, and a "display:none" or "visibility:hidden" rule is being applied, then the link will be treated as if it does not exist.

This is how we usually recommend coding a skip navigation link in the HTML. We place it immediately after the body element to users don't have to hunt for it:

<div id="skipnav"><a href="#startcontent">Skip to Content.</a></div>

<div id="row-top">

And this is how we code the CSS to go along with it. This method allows the link to become visible when it receives focus. This enables the skip navigation link to be visible to all keyboard only users (not just screen-reader users!):

/* Hide skip to content link */

#skipnav a, #skipnav a:hover, #skipnav a:visited {

position: absolute;







/* Make skip to content link visible when focused */

#skipnav a:active, #skipnav a:focus {





outline: thin dotted black;


On Fri, Sep 10, 2010 at 2:53 PM, Brusnighan, Dean A. <dabrus at purdue.edu<mailto:dabrus at purdue.edu>> wrote:
A web developer on our campus is instituting a skip to content link to get past repetitive navigation, but is having trouble when testing with the Safari browser on both PC and Mac. He says It never gets to any in-browser tabs. It bounces from URL to browser search to web page search to search button to radio button back to URL without ever hitting the skip to content link.

Another developer suggested setting tab index to 1, and they had already done that. Still the same result.

Any suggestions?


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