[Athen] Olympus digital recorder with DAISY book functions DM-2 & DM-4

Ed. Rosenthal edward at ngtvoice.com
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We have done well using this technology with the Dragon speech recognition
transcription feature (as we do with many of the Olympus digital recorders);
it also has voice command and control so while not certified for the blind
user, many have found the fact that they can now voice in commands to make
the difference. -ed.

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Does anyone have any experience with the Olympus DM-2 or DM-4 digital

They are listed as having DAISY book playback functions.


>From the manual it appears they have both the capability to play DAISY 2

books (possibly both audio and text p19, 132), as well as convert text
documents to speech (p 158)

On a side note, they are also listed as Dragon certified. Any experiences
using them with Naturally Speaking?


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