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Hey, Sean. I think I'll need to reply to the list -- Karen McCall and others asked me a similar question offline, and the answer is: I don't know, but it's a good chance. The prof said she has been teaching this class for several years and just edits/updates each year. Also, some of our campus has migrated to Office 2007 while some areas are still running 2003. I'm running 2003 with Compatibility Pack installed. The student in this particular course is a JAWS user and complaining of missing information -- apparently the same missing info that I am noting -- but I don't know what version of Office he is using. I think the group wisdom is that this is a compatibility issue with different versions of Office, and there may not be a simple fix; we may have to work in retrofit mode until the entire campus has migrated to the newer versions of Office and the problem reduces itself on its own.

Thanks, everyone.
Teresa LW Haven, Ph.D.
Supervisor, Alternate Format Program
Disability Resource Center
Arizona State University

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Hi Teresa,

I thought I would send this off-list initially as I am just "brainstorming" right now...

Were the PPT presentations you are having problems with originally created in PowerPoint 2003 and now being edited in 2007? I ran into some issues with MS Word files with images and other content where the document was created in an older version of MS Office and then was being edited in the new version.

Take care,

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Aloha, all. I have an odd question that I hope someone can help with. I'm regularly asked to review various professors' Blackboard sites for the accessibility of their course content. I've recently started to see Powerpoint slide shows where some slides have all the text accessible, some slides have only part of the text accessible and part not, and some slides are completely inaccessible (blank in Outline view). In almost every case, the prof will have been using the same basic template for every slide, and producing very "clean" slides -- just a title at the top and three or four bullet points of text. Some profs are using Office 2007 and a few may still be using Office 2003. Does anyone have a clue what could be causing this erratic accessibility issue, and more importantly, suggestions on how to resolve it? I'm trying very hard to coach faculty to produce accessible materials in the first place, and they're trying to comply, but this problem is growing and retrofitting by re-typing the slide content into Word docs and distributing to students is not a reasonable solution at this time.

Many thanks for any ideas you might be able to share, Teresa

Teresa LW Haven, Ph.D.
Supervisor, Alternate Format Program
Disability Resource Center
Arizona State University

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