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Webinar - *Strategies & Case Studies for Improving Digital Access on the
College & University Campus*
August 25, 2011Speakers:

Jon Gunderson, University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign (UIUC)

Susan Cullen, California State University-Northridge (CSUN)

Teresa Haven, Arizona State University (ASU)

*Overview of Topic Areas* (Agenda Below)

· Implementing a Campus-Wide Accessibility or 508 Policy for Digital
& Web Access

· Building collaboration on campus: assembling a campus-wide
accessibility committee; selling accessibility to resistant faculty;
obtaining the buy-in of IT.

· Best practices for Digital Access – including such areas as
multimedia, Course Management Systems, Distance Education

· Building the partnerships and collaborations on campus needed for
effective system change towards Universal Design.

A Google or Yahoo search on "campus accessibility policy" reveals that the
number of campuses implementing (or at least posting) a system-wide access
policy for web pages and digital media seems to be rapidly growing. Is this
an effective way to improve accessibility at a university or college? Are
there other strategies for increasing the accessibility of a campus'
electronic resources? This Webinar will attempt to answer these questions.

Agenda Segment 1: Practices at the Exemplary Universities

10:00 – 11:10 (55 minute talk, 15 minute Q&A)

1. Jon Gunderson will talk about overall best practices; what are the
universities rated with the most accessible websites doing to encourage and
implement accessibility? What is done at the UIUC to promote and ensure

2. Susan Cullen from CSUN talks about the model used at her university
to ensure Digital Accessibility.

20 minute break
Segment 2: Building Partnerships and Collaborations on Campus

Presenter: Teresa Haven, Arizona State University (ASU)

11:30 – 12:10 (30 minute talk & 10 minutes Q & A)

Following recent statements by DOE and DOJ regarding technology
accessibility compliance, how can you work with your institution to enact
necessary changes? This presentation will provide DS professionals with an
overview of recent legal updates, ideas for building alliances, and
strategies for engaging key stakeholders in dialogue and helping them learn
new perspectives on the need for JUST design.

Segment 3: WebAIM's Grant-funded Project to Assist Institutions in
System-wide Web Accessibility Efforts, Jon Whiting, WebAIM

Presenter: Jon Whiting, WebAIM

12:30 – 1:20 (40 minute talk & 10 minute Q&A)
WebAIM will talk about their ongoing grant-funded project to assist
institutions in system-wide web accessibility efforts, addressing such
issues as: 1. Gaining top-level support for institutional web
accessibility; 2. Creating a campus-wide accessibility
committee; 3.
Benchmarking institutional web accessibility with an eye toward continuous
improvement; 4. Gaining buy-in from faculty and staff;

5. Understanding how web accessibility may tie into regional
Final Questions to all speakers (if needed) & Post-Webinar Resources

1:20 – 1:35 (15 minutes)

Howard Kramer
AHG Conference Coordinator
Access Specialist
fax: 492-5601
Disability Services
Division of ODECE- achieving excellence through diversity and inclusion
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