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Dave et al

He may need some assistance but here's some valuable (maybe!) advice:
create a vocabulary list for these classes either by having him dictate
the vocabulary a few words at a time and saving his vocabulary, or having
someone type up a vocab list that he saves on his computer (can be a word
document or in email format). These word lists can be scanned with OCR &
saved as well. Dragon can mine his hard drive or flash drive for
vocabulary. He can spend some prep time training the computer to recognize
the words before he's in class. Also, with someone from CIS helping, he
could create some macros in advance so that certain repeated formulas or
strings can be created in advance. Vocabulary is vocabulary, whether it's
Spanish, JAVA or C+. It's a matter of having someone help him type in the
"spell" window and having him "train" the program to recognize how he's
going to say that code line. Is it impossible? NO WAY!! Will it take some
work to get it to do what he wants? Yes, and it won't happen out of the
box. I worked with some students who were fluent in Chinese (spoken) and
in written English. They typed the English into the "spell" box and
trained it by voicing the Chinese equivalent for the English word. And
they were grad school engineers (figures)!

Let me know off-line if you need more help. Also there is someone on our
list who knows a Dragon troubleshooter. Also, you might contact Nancilu
McClellan of Math Talk for advice on how to train mathematical phrases
with Dragon (Math Talk & Scientific Notebook). She may have advice on how
to train complex vocabularies.

Hope this is helpful.


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Good afternoon!

I just met with a student who wants to explore using Dragon Dictate to
compensate for partial paralysis. He is studying computer programming and
gaming (video game creation). He told me that by and large the languages
used are Mac MSP, Java, and C.

Will it be feasible to use Dragon Dictate to do such programming? Will it
be so challenging that he will succumb to frustration? Does anybody know
of individuals using Dragon Dictate for similar work?

Thank you very much in advance for any thoughts.

Happy holidays to one and all!


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