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Kenneth Elkind Kenneth.Elkind at umb.edu
Thu Dec 8 11:54:52 PST 2011

Sorry about the confusion that may have caused about Dragon
NaturallySpeaking for PC

Here's the response from a product manager of nuance about Dragon
dictate for the Mac.

* Group: Dragon NaturallySpeaking
* Discussion: Dragon Dictate & Programming

Mr. Thomas,
While technically it is possible to use the Dragon Dictate for Mac
software to produce the characters, punctuation marks and symbols one
uses to write code, without a lot of customization, it may not be that
practical to do so. One would have to use Spelling Mode to spell out
anything that is not in our vocabulary and add that word as a custom
word. Things like "int" or "std" come to mind. Another tool for
customization would be Text Macros. An example of a Text Macro is: I
speak a voice command like "Standard Greeting" and Dragon Dictate
inserts the text "Ladies and Gentlemen:". Creating custom Text Macros
for frequently used terminology and context for a particular programming
language would be another part of the necessary customization to make
dictating code a truly efficient process.

David Popovitch

Product Manager, Dragon

Nuance Communications, Inc.

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