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Lately we have been using the Plantronics SAVI Office product line. They
have several different models, all of which are on a wireless protocol (I
believe it is 2.4 GHz, at is definitely not Bluetooth), and the signal is
encrypted so that one does not have to worry about somebody "intercepting"
confidential information. Broadcast range is somewhere between 100 and 300
feet. You set it up in the Dragon NaturallySpeaking software as a USB
microphone. They are currently producing the Plantronics WO 300, but I have
been using the WO 200 and WO 100 with good results.

They make a companion model called the 101, 201, etc.. however this is
specifically designed for VOiP telephony like Microsoft Lync.

You can purchase this product line from any number of Internet outlets, or a
number of major retailers. It does require the user to depress the button
to switch the signal from computer to telephone and vice versa. It offers 3
different wearing models including over the ear, and headband.

We have over a dozen clients that would use this equipment daily, all with
good results. If you decide to test/procure a tip that I would share is to
have the user "speak extra loudly" when a complete the Dragon
NaturallySpeaking audio setup Wizard as this will make it less prone to
interference from ambient noise.

Hope that is helpful, best wishes for a pleasant holiday season. -ed.

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Do you have recommendations for a Bluetooth mic for use with a cell phone
and Dragon Naturally Speaking? I am working with a student with a C5 spinal
cord injury with no upper body function who is interested in getting a mic.
He currently uses a headset mic that is not wireless and feels constrained
by the cord. A desktop mic is not an option at this time due to the level
of noise where he uses Dragon. Thank you for your help and happy holidays!


Shannon K. Lavey, MS, OTR

Service Coordinator, Assistive Technology Resource Center

307 Occupational Therapy Building

Colorado State University

Fort Collins, CO 80523


shannon.lavey at colostate.edu


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