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Nettie et al ATHENITES

Go to the TOOLS menu, select OPTIONS, on the MISCELLANEOUS menu you can
select the adjustment bar. If you move right toward more accurate, it slows
the response time down drastically. If you move it to the left, toward
FASTEST RESPONSE, you can end up with more mistakes. This, however will be
your most likely spot to make the adjustment you need to improve things.
Another thing to look at is the amount of RAM you have. 2 megs or more is
critical for DNS to run well.

You can try SPELL & TRAIN to train your name. Or to ensure that you dictate
your name accurately + all your signature info, my suggestion is to create a
macro. To do that, go to the MODES menu, select COMMAND MODE. When you
dictate in command mode, play around with it so what you say in the
dictation box is "my signature" (you will have spelled out 'Nettie' and
possibly 'Fischer'), you can then create "my email," "my office address,"
"my website" etc. as separate commands. The quotes are the titles of the
commands. What you type/write into the dictation box becomes the content of
the command. Make sense? Then when you're working in a document and you
pause and say "my name" you prompt a command coming and DNS writes "Nettie,"
or "Nettiet, ATP Consultants."

Hit me offline and I can help a lot!!

I have windows 7 at home and I don't have these problems so I don't think
it's the OS.

Others may want to weigh in on this, though.

Hope this helps.


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Good afternoon,
I am working on a touchscreen Windows 7 64-bit computer and Dragon 11
preferred, sadly the Dragon software is running very very slow. The time
takes for a dictatedphrase to appear in the documentis approximately 7-8
seconds per phrase. When I try to add my name, Nettie, the system goes to
the Internet logo on the desktop and attempts to close the window. It
doesn't matter what style I use... buried into a phrase,spoke rapidly,
slowly (ha ha) it wants to click on the internet icon and asks me if I want
to close the window.

Many times, my phrases cause the curser to randomly navigate accross the
desktop; interpreting my words the navigation command.

I tried to train my name (Nettie) as a new word, but doesn't make any

Is anyone else having difficulty with and HP t64-bit, ouch Smart computer ?
If so and you found a fix for this issue please send the information my way.
My carpal tunnel is truly aching and writing reports this week is a rather
uncomfortable task but, the Dragon software not proving to be any help, it
results is making completing the document a tedious and time consuming
task. but, on the upside, it doesn't hurt my wrists..

Thanks for any information that you can provide.
Oops, slly me, I tried dictate my name-


Nettie T. Fischer, ATP
Assistive Technology Professional

RESNA Certified

California Certified NPA
Nettiet, ATP Consultants
www.nettietatpconsultants.com <http://www.nettietatpconsultants.com/>
[916] 222-3492 Office
(916) 704-1456 Cell

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