[Athen] Jaws Meets MS Word Meets Logic Symbols

John Gardner john.gardner at orst.edu
Mon Jan 31 11:33:26 PST 2011

Hi Patrick. Dunno about Jaws, but Window-Eyes reads these symbols just

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Hi all,

Does anyone out there know how/if you can get Jaws (11/12) to read
logic symbols in MS Word (2003)? (Triangular therefore signs, if p
then q notation etc.)

We have a file where the symbols will read a numeric value (not the
symbol name) with Jaws moving line-by-line, but I can't interrogate
them in char-by-char mode. (Braille doesn't show anything for most of them.)

One possible cause appears to be the difference between the old old
Windows Character Map (= standard Unicode = good) & the Word Insert
tool (= bad).:


Any experience with these symbols that you can share would be very welcome.

Thanks much,

Patrick J. Burke

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Computing Program

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