[Athen] ACTION- ACTION - The Postsecondary AIM Commission

Laurie Vasquez vasquez at sbcc.edu
Mon Jul 11 00:32:00 PDT 2011


Important that you either listen or participate in this two day meeting =
starting today. =20

All interested parties should take advantage of the public hearing period =
on July 12th from 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM (Pacific time) by contacting Janet =
Gronneberg at jgronneberg at cast.org .=20

This is the LAST hearing to voice an opinion before the final recommendatio=
ns go to U.S .Congress in September. =20

The outcome affects all those who are working on behalf of students with =

Don't assume a few can tell the stories that you experience at at local =
level. We have service providers, publishers, national organizations and =
the legal community determining the future of accessible instructional =
materials in postsecondary education. IT LOOKS DIFFERENT depending on =
where you sit. =20

Add your voice, perspective and experience. =20

The Postsecondary AIM Commission will hold a two-day meeting & Public =
Hearing at the Association of Higher Education and Disability (AHEAD) =
Conference in Seattle on July 11 & 12. The login information for attending =
the meeting remotely via iLinc Webinar is posted below.

* July 11th, 2011 Commission Meeting 8:30 AM =96 4:00 PM, login =
open to public at 8:00 AM PACIFIC

URL: https://aimpsc.ilinc.com/join/yvbmysr

* July 12th, 2011 Commission Meeting 8:30 AM =96 3:30 PM, login =
open to public at 8:00 AM PACIFIC

URL: https://aimpsc.ilinc.com/join/bbmtzsh

* July 12th, 2011 Public Hearing 4:00 PM =96 9:00 PM, login open =
to public at 8:00 AM PACIFIC

URL: https://aimpsc.ilinc.com/join/yvbmyjr =20

A real-time CART transcript will also be available to remote attendees =
via: http://www.streamtext.net/text.aspx?event=3DCAST


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