[Athen] Learning Ally (RFB&D) iOS Audio App and institutional membership?

Todd Schwanke tschwanke at wisc.edu
Tue Jul 12 06:50:44 PDT 2011

Good morning ATHEN:

Anyone out there who has an institutional membership with Learning Ally (RFB&D) that also has students who are reading their books using the Learning Ally (RFB&D) Audio App for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad? If so, how are you distributing the files to the students?

* Do they have to come into the office to sync on the computer where the files are downloaded?
* Or, can you distribute the zip files to them on a CD or through a secure file server for them to transfer themselves? If this works I would assume it works better since iOS devices tend to be picky about syncing to multiple computers.
* Other?

Also, any feedback from students using the App when compared to other methods of listening (standalone CD, WMA, through software on computer) other than that the App is relatively expensive?

Todd Schwanke

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