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I had to "attend" a Go To Meeting" yesterday and after launching the UI had
no access to anything. The meeting was supported by a phone call so ended up
having to use Task Manager to exit Go To Meeting...couldn't use Alt + F4 and
couldn't find a menu or way of exiting other than Task Manager...and just
listened on the phone. I use JAWS and am using JAWS 12. I tried using
keyboard commands, the JAWS cursor...everything I could think of to see
where my focus was and what I could do but only got silence from JAWS other
than it telling me what keys I'd pressed. I keep JAWS on beginner mode as I
do training so it wasn't that my settings had eliminated any elements from
being rendered to me.

Windows LiveMeeting is the same...you launch it and can't do anything with
it although the sound is built into that for the couple of LiveMeeting
session I had to attend...but again could only Alt Tab to it and nothing
else. Windows Lync is the same, launch it and no access.

I haven't used any bridging software/tools to use these things.

Cheers, Karen

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Good afternoon everyone,

Can anyone speak to the accessibility of the Go to Meeting platform?
Specifically: 1. what can be done to caption audio content? 2. How
accessible is the platform to screen readers? 3.
What, if any, experiences have you had using Accessible Event in conjunction
with the service?

Thanks in advance,

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