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Wink Harner winkharner at mesacc.edu
Wed Jun 22 15:17:21 PDT 2011

Hi all ATHEN-ites,

A colleague posed a question to me which I am in turn referring to my esteemed technology wizards. Can anyone help Sue (Glascoe) out on this? Either post to the list so all of us can find out the answer to life's burning questions OR reply directly to Sue (included on this post) and help her out.

Thanks in advance for your kind assistance. Here's her question:

...looking into Flash CS5.5 to turn Flash files into files for iOS...It appears that after purchasing Flash CS5.5 you have to sign up as an Apple Developer and then pay $99/year to get a certificate to use with Adobe Air! Does anyone know if that is correct, or is there a way to change Flash files to HTML5 so they can be viewed on iOS without all the extra hassle/fees?

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