[Athen] virtual computer labs, AT and ADA?

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I would treat a virtual computer lab the same way that you would a physical one. Some of our IT folks are playing around with the idea of virtual labs too. I think the key is to provide a variety of accessibility options.
In many of our labs we provide screen readers, magnification, speech recognition and some kind of scan-and-read software. I would think if virtual labs are a part of a program then providing accessibility to them would be the institution's legal responsibility.
The virtual lab concept introduces some technical problems for AT. A few examples of this are; speech recognition input and screen reader output over remote desktop. (RDP requires an additional license for JAWS)

Generally speaking, the best way to avoid licensing agreement issues is to use a network licensing system. Freedom Scientific has a licensing server that works with JAWS, MaGic, and WYNN. Other vendors have similar offerings but it is always best to ask the software companies you work with about licensing.

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On Jun 27, 2011, at 7:59 AM, Kenneth Elkind wrote:

> UMB is experimenting with virtual computer labs. I was able to install and use a wide range of ATsoftware. My question is more related to policy and legal responsibility. Is the providing accessibility for students with disabilities in a virtual computer lab and what assistive technology should be mandatory if any?



> How are the licenses of the software managed without violating the AT company license agreement?


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