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Carl from Benetech did a very nice job listing the STEM related sessions
that are going to be done by Diagram Project members at CSUN. I know that I
am going to try and sit-in on as many as possible, guess I better
pre-schedule this year J

With the CSUN conference fast approaching, I wanted to let everyone know
about presentations involving DIAGRAM program members. Below is a list,
ordered by Track and ID number, which also includes the DIAGRAM member
names, in most cases there are other co-presenters. If you will be at the
conference, hopefully you may be able to attend some of these.

BLV-1020 Progress in Meeting TV User Requirements for Accessibility: A
Global Perspective - Larry Goldberg, Brad Hodges

BLV-1034 WiiCane - Steven Landau

BLV-1047 Development of Smartpen-Based Audio/Tactile Transit Station Maps
for Travel Planning and Wayfinding - Steven Landau, Joshua Miele

BLV-1067 The Great Equalizer: Android-Based, Open Source, Assistive
Technology Software - Steve Jacobs

BLV-2002 A New Paradigm for Affordable Braille Displays - The Process and
Product - Brian MacDonald

BLV-2022 Tactile Graphic Literacy: Reading More Than Words - Lucia Hasty

BLV-2025 WearaBraille Update: Using Smith-Kettlewell's Prototype, Virtual,
Wireless, Braille Keyboard with Smartphones - Joshua Miele

BLV-2036 Two Android Tools for Remote Control and Gesture Navigation of
Video Programming - Brad Hodges

BLV-2069 The Digital Image and Graphic Resources for Accessible Materials
(DIAGRAM) Center - Betsy Beaumon, Geoff Freed

DHH-2001 Caption Accuracy Metrics: Solutions for Automatic Methods of
Measuring Caption Quality - Larry Goldberg, Trisha OConnell

OTH-1002 Transit Communications Accessibility Gaps - Trisha OConnell,
Madeleine Rothberg

OTH-1030 Innovation 4 Access + Outreach = Inclusion - Steve Jacobs

OTH-2001 Need for and Benefits of a Global Public Inclusive Infrastructure
(GPII) - Larry Goldberg, George Kerscher, Madeleine Rothberg

PSE-2013 Production of Accessible Professional Journals - Ron Stewart

TEC-2027 The Anatomy of a Landmark Law - Larry Goldberg

TEC-1022 Academic Considerations for Mobile Platforms - Sean Keegan

WEB-1051 Accessible e-books with Adobe Digital Editions - Andrew Kirkpatrick

WEB-1053 Accessible Web Conferencing with Adobe Connect - Andrew Kirkpatrick

WEB-1055 Adobe Open Forum - Andrew Kirkpatrick

WEB-3023 Video Accessibility in User Agents - Jim Allan


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