[Athen] Fwd: google apps for education accessibility complaints

Shawn Foster FosterS at sou.edu
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When we were looking at a new email system (our old one was completely inaccessible and dying on us), I was involved in the decision. It was between GApps and MS Exchange... both are just not terrific for accessibility.

Since then, I've been trying to identify as many workarounds as possible and write them up. It's a slow process, but worth it if we can offer choices for our students. Glad it was helpful to you, too!


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That was timely, Shawn. I just forwarded the info on the NFB complaint to our “powers” here at MCC. They’re trying to make it our office’s responsibility for access, when it is the college who authorizes the purchase & adoption of the inaccessible software…ugh!
At least now, thanks to your contributions, a few things to send to them about the reality of access. Thanks again for sharing.

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Since our university adopted Google Apps this year, I've been looking into both the benefits and barriers of Google Apps for students with disabilities. The ones I've reviewed so far are on my blog. If you're looking for a thorough accessibility review, though, there's an excellent one of the different Docs apps available from ADOD.

Hope that helps.

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Unfortunately this doesn't say what the actual issues were.

From a University of Wisconsin List serve

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