[Athen] tactile world maps

Robert Beach rbeach at KCKCC.EDU
Tue Mar 22 19:06:42 PDT 2011

Wow! This will really get their attention. <grin>

Thanks Gaeir.

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Other resource for maps:

The Princeton Braillists
76 Leabrook Lane
Princeton, NJ 08540

Orders are sent free matter unless otherwise requested.

For more information, contact Ruth Bogia at 215-357-7715


Computer Center for Visually Impaired People, Baruch College, City University of New York
Tactual Maps, Floor Plans and Charts
Contact Karen Gourgey: karen_gourgey at baruch.cuny.edu

Computers to Help People (CHPI)
825 East Johnson Street
Madison, WI 53703
(608) 257-5917 / fax (608) 257-3480
Website: www.chpi.org
Tactile graphs and maps, and science and mathematics books in Braille and e-text

Tactile Maps:
http://www.cs.unc.edu/Research/assist/bats Blind Audio Tactile Mapping System

http://www.afb.org/jvib_toc.asp target-route map - article in JVIB


http://www.washington.edu/computing/atl/Tiger Exploration of Spatial Information by Blind Users Tactile (Tiger) Graphics at the Adaptive Technology Lab


Gaeir (rhymes with "fire") Dietrich
High Tech Center Training Unit of the
California Community Colleges
De Anza College, Cupertino, CA


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Hi all,

I know this has been asked here before, but here goes again.

I was contacted by a colleague at another institution looking for tactile maps of the world. I suggested American Printing House for the Blind and American Foundation for the Blind. However, it seems like I remember somebody giving another resource for such maps. Any ideas?


Robert Lee Beach
Assistive Technology Specialist
Kansas City Kansas Community College
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rbeach at kckcc.edu

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